Valdosta Baptist Association
Sunday, November 19, 2017

      As we begin a New Year I am reminded of how greatly our Lord does love me. So many times in the last year I said the wrong thing or did the wrong thing. Yet, He loves me. So often I have failed Him and yet He loves me. The great hymn comes to mind where the question is asked, “Is my Master satisfied with me?” I am sure I gave my Master reason to be disappointed in me but I rejoice in the truth that He loves me. I can go into 2016 knowing that I do not have to earn His love.  He has already given His love to me through His Son, Jesus. My prayer as I begin this New Year is that I will strive to be more obedient to Him this year. I want to listen carefully for His still small voice so I will not miss Him. I want to renew my commitment to turn every area of my life over to Him. I want to be a new creation this year! I do not want 2016 to be a remake of 2015.  Lord, help me to surrender fully to your Lordship in this coming year. Many years ago I heard an older man pray a very simple prayer. It has always stuck in my mind. He bowed his head and said, “Lord, help me be a better man tomorrow than I was today.” Oh Lord, how greatly I want to be more like You!

   What does the New Year hold for you? Let me challenge you to do a few things this year that I assure you will improve your walk with the Lord.

1.  Commit to be a part of Sunday School. This is vital to the growth of the Christian. Each of us needs to be a regular student of the Word of God and Sunday School provides a great avenue for study.

2.  Commit yourself to be a regular participant in Worship. Do not forsake this life changing opportunity. So much prayer and preparation goes into providing a great worship atmosphere through the music and preaching ministries of your church.

3.  Commit yourself to be a tither. It is not that the church needs the money but you need to experience the blessing of being obedient to the Lord in this area of your life. “Trust me” says the Lord. Determine in 2016 to be faithful in giving the tithe.

4.  Commit yourself to be positive this year when you speak to others about the church. Remember that the church is the bride of Christ and as such deserves our respect. I wonder how much more effective our witness will be if we talk positively about the church.

5. Commit yourself to pray daily for your Pastor and staff.

 I believe if we will commit to just these few things this will be a life changing year!

 The VBA leadership is working on some exciting events for the coming year.  I hope that you will join us in each opportunity to train and improve as we seek to serve the Lord.

 Mike Broadwater

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